Product Test Drive: Baby Nari Hip Hugger


Last weekend B, The Bear and I attended PLUSH – the Posh Little Urbanites show – in downtown LA. Thanks to my amazing new friend, Rachel, who founded Club MomMe LA, a social and educational community for LA moms and moms-to-be, The Bear and I got to walk in a Mommy & Me fashion show! How fun (and totally nerve-wracking as I had visions of The Bear breaking free from my grasp and running—as she often does—off the stage and into a display of products, which would come toppling down in a heap as everyone at the show booed us). Thankfully that didn’t happen. The show went off without a hitch, The Bear loved the attention, and I got to wear a super-cute, flattering outfit courtesy of Club MomMe, Prelegant and Ingrid & Isabel.  We also got to meet (fellow Hoosier) Catt Sadler of E! News and NBA great John Salley, who were the co-hosts of the event. Win-win all around!

After the show we decided to take advantage and browse the hundreds of new baby products on display at PLUSH. My favorite purchase: the Baby Nari Hip Hugger. I had heard about the Baby Nari before, and was ultra curious to try it out and see if all the fuss was warranted. It’s basically a fanny pack (remember those fabulous contraptions?!) with a little seat attached that bears the bulk of the weight of your little one  so that you can still hold your child, but not feel like your shoulders are being ripped off. It has a cute little heart design covered with slip-free coating to keep your child’s bum in place.

A simple idea, but so necessary. While I love the “mom guns” I’ve developed from carrying The Bear through Whole Foods when she decides the shopping cart sucks, I’m starting to feel a little lopsided and lumpy from the weight of her 24 pound body. I was immediately intrigued.

John, the creator of the Baby Nari, was on-site and we chatted him up. Turns out he’s a dad who saw a need in his own life, took the reins, and The Baby Nari was born. He and his team let us strap one on and test it out. I hoisted The Bear onto the Baby Nari and immediately felt the difference. No ripping sensation, no shoulder tingling, no wrist twisting. With the Baby Nari, the only thing you feel is the best part about holding your child: their body in your arms.

Your child can face forward or inward:

Or (not recommended): your child can stand on it and yell “hi” to everyone they see. This DID NOT actually happen recently; totally just a hypothetical… 😉

$60 later (we got a hefty discount for attending the PLUSH show – they normally retail for around $95 for the Classic model), I was the proud owner of a black Classic Baby Nari Hip Hugger, and used it the rest of the afternoon at the PLUSH show. When The Bear decided she wanted to walk, I could easily set her down without un-strapping anything.  I’ve used it almost every day since I purchased it, and it’s already become my go-to for short trips. Yes, you do look like you’re wearing a fanny pack when your child isn’t onboard, but the sleek design keeps things unassuming.

Plus, aren’t the 90’s making a comeback anyway?

Kisses and hugs,



2 thoughts on “Product Test Drive: Baby Nari Hip Hugger

  1. This is the first time I have replied to a Blog. I have enjoyed your wit and honesty and will probably be following your interests and your life with B and Bear..

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