In the words of Ice Cube…

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“Today was a good day.” –Ice Cube

It’s amazing how much my criteria have changed lately for what makes me consider a day “good.” For prolific rapper Ice Cube, back in the glorious ‘90’s, it was watching Yo! MTV Raps and not getting car-jacked on his way back from playing basketball with his homies (among some other things I probably shouldn’t go into on a g-rated mommy blog).

I’m sure if you asked Mr. O’Shea Jackson today to make an It Was A Good Day 2012 reprise, it would be vastly different and would include things like “got asked to do Are We There Yet 2,” or “polished my awards” or hung out with my wife and kids.”

Back in ’92, I would’ve told you that a good day entailed my hot rollers warming up in 10 minutes instead of 12 or hearing Informer on B-96 on my way in to school.


Ten years ago, it was getting smiled at by the hot guy in my building or finding Seven jeans on sale at Macy’s. Three years ago it was making a sale at work so I could get a bonus, or not having to wait for the bus in subzero weather. Today it’s making it through the morning without getting scrambled eggs thrown at me.

In homage to good days and to my love of gangster rap in a former life (now it’s only Toddler Tunes, I promise), I have decided to grace you with a poem—set, of course, to Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day—that showcases my very own good day criteria as it’s evolved over the past few decades.


Just waking up in the morning and I’m feeling odd

I don’t know, but today seems sent from god

New J. Crew catalog, found my clogs

And my hubby fed the kid so I could write my blog

The Bear took a nap, had time to shower up

Finally got a call from a mom I met on Meetup

Hooked it up for later at the Gymboree

Thinking will I make it with my clothes stain-free?

I gotta go ‘cause we got a hot play date

Fill up my travel mug, and add a little Coffee Mate

Had to stop at a red light

Looking in my mirror not a tantrum in sight

And everything is alright

I got a text from my sitter and she can watch The Bear tonight

Parked in a loading zone, no ticket on my car

Said I ate fruit for lunch but really had a Snicker’s bar

Second nap, no problem, had time to primp

Bought myself a mug online that says, “this Mom’s a pimp!”

Got invited to a party where they sell you Mary Kay

I can’t believe, today was a good day


Keep on rockin’ those good days, my friends!




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