Product Test Drive: The Drool Monkey


Drool rash. Now there’s a term that never escaped my lips until about a month ago. With tiny new teeth popping up almost every few weeks, drool rash has become the unfortunate reality in our house. It goes a little something like this: teeth hurt—hand goes in mouth—drool slides onto cheeks—cheeks get raw—repeat. On bad days The Bear’s poor little chubby cheeks look like she got into a tube of mommy’s lipstick. We’ve tried a number of creams and salves, but the only real solution is keeping her face dry. Problem is, most teething toys just encourage more drooling, and the rash cycle perpetuates.

The Bear has always been the kind of baby who constantly has something in her mouth, whether it’s her fingers, a toy, a paci, the dog’s foot… we’ve yet to discover the magic key to unlocking the secret of keeping forbidden items out of our toddler’s mouth. But, we have recently discovered a secret weapon: a fun and adorable teething solution that’s designed for little mouths and hands, and most importantly, dry little cheeks.

The Drool Monkey!

Drool Monkey Organics is a company founded by mompreneur Kamala Corkin. After her daughter was born, Kamala was seeking an organic and sanitary alternative to the typical surface-wash only teething toys and lovies out there. So, she made one herself from organic cotton and added a cute little embroidered monkey face. Drool Monkey Organics was born!

The Drool Monkey is 100% organic, contains no toxic dyes, no chemical flame retardants, no synthetic fabrics and is CPSIA safety standard compliant. At about 18 inches long, it functions as a teething toy, doll, burp cloth and rattle, plus, the custom-woven organic cotton is designed to wick moisture away from your child’s sensitive little face, helping to prevent the dreaded drool rash while providing a satisfying “bite” for a toothy toddler.

I received the Drool Monkey as a gift from Club Momme LA after walking in the PLUSH fashion show earlier this month. The Bear was immediately smitten with it (as you can see from her death grip on it in the photo below… also note that she and event host John Salley are giving each other the stinkeye for some reason):

We couldn’t quite get The Bear to part with her runway accessory after her moment in the spotlight, so Drool Monkey followed us home, ready to fight drool rash and to keep dog toys and Dad’s shoes out of her mouth. We tied the ends of Drool Monkey into little knots, which she loves chewing and untying. Entertainment from all ends!

At night, I just throw Drool Monkey in the washing machine and it’s clean and ready to go the next day! Most importantly, The Bear’s face stays dryer and her drool rash is clearing up!

Visit Drool Monkey Organics online to snatch one of these little goodies up for $32. You can choose from “girl” monkey or “boy” monkey, and each one comes with two removable tether ribbons. Check out their organic hankies, too!

Have a great Friday, friends! Hope you’re enjoying it with the little drool monkeys in your lives! 🙂

Hugs and kisses,



5 thoughts on “Product Test Drive: The Drool Monkey

  1. Hi Erin! I am so pleasantly surprised to see your fabulous review! I’m so happy that “Bear” loves her Drool Monkey! She was a fantastic model! I really appreciate your review and your help in spreading the word about Drool Monkey!!! Thanks so much!

    • Kamala, you are so very welcome! Thank YOU for such a great product and for checking out Mommy Test Drive! As for the Bear…she is fast asleep and snuggling her Drool Monkey as I write this 🙂

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