Fave a Day: Kidcraft Sling Bookshelf

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If you’ve ever been to our house, you know B and I have hundreds of books in shelves that line our walls. Keeping them there with a toddler in the house has been a challenge lately, but we like keeping them accessible for everyone!

The Bear is starting to take after her parents. With books beginning to take over her play space, we decided to find a better storage solution so that she had a place to put them away at the end of the day, and to cut down incidents of us surfing across the carpet on stray books.

The Kidcraft Sling Bookshelf was our answer. It has a sturdy design, was easy-breezy to assemble and at 28 inches high, is perfect toddler height. Books can be stored forward facing, making it easier for a child to spot and select their favorite. Kidcraft products meet or exceed all safety compliance standards for wood products.


BabyEarth is currently selling this great storage solution for $44.95–30% off regular list price.

Happy savings and happier reading, friends!



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