Fave a Day: Episencial Protective Face Balm

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Oh, Episencial, how I love thee.

I could probably dedicate a novel–or at the very least, several blog posts (and already have)–about how much I love Episencial products. They just jive with The Bear’s skin in a way most products don’t. Gentle, organic, healing, protective, edible. Perfect products for protecting and maintaining healthy skin.  I love everything about this company, and even use their Playful Wash on my own face!

Right now, EcoMom is having a Buy Two Get One Free sale on Episencial Protective Face Balm. The product (with SPF 6) is fantastic for protecting sensitive little faces and lips from the elements, and for soothing and healing problem skin. The reason for the stock up sale: Protective Face Balm won’t be on the market much longer, because Episencial will soon be releasing their newer version, Cheeky Salve, which promises to be even better!

You can sign up for a free trial of Cheeky Salve (and all of Episencial’s other products) on their website.

Enjoy, friends! 🙂




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