Fave a Day: IKEA Long-sleeved Bibs

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Happy Fourth, Friends!

So, anyone with a toddler knows how messy mealtime can be, especially after our littles begin feeding themselves. Though there are some great bibs out there to help catch the messies, I’ve found a really affordable one that not only has a pocket to catch stray broccoli, it has sleeves to keep those pristine little cuffs carrot-free! IKEA’s Kladd Prickar (gotta love those Swedish product names) is machine washable, water repellent and super easy to put on and take off, thanks to a touch-and-close Velcro closure at the neck.

What’s more: it doubles as a paint smock and Popsicle shield (Popsicle and straw hat sold separately)!

The best part of all: I don’t even need to scan for sales on this item for you because you can get TWO for $4.99 at your local IKEA store. Thanks, IKEA, you Swedish geniuses.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!



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