Fave A Day: Mason Jars

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Yes, I said Mason Jars.

Anyone who surfs Pinterest (follow my boards here) will see that Mason jars are the new “it” hipster entertaining and decor accessory. Quirky vases, clever party drinks, displaying hip crafty things, etc… (I can practically hear my husband reading this and protesting, “I liked Mason Jars way before they were cool!).

Now, before you start thinking that I’m a lunatic and recommending you let your toddler play with a set of glass jars, read on… What I’ve recently discovered about Mason jars is that kiddos LOVE to play with the screw-on metal rings that hold the jar’s lid in place! The Bear spent a half hour yesterday stacking, clanking and loving these super cheap, wonderfully uncomplicated, up-cycled little goodies!

Here’s what you do:

1)   Buy a dozen Mason Jars at your local hardware or grocery store

2)   Disassemble and wash all parts

3)   Place screw-on rings in a colorful basket or box and set in front of toddler

4)   Watch with self-satisfaction as your child entertains him or herself with glee

5)   Invite hipster friends over and serve old-timey bourbon cocktails in new jars and bask in your own brilliance

A dozen Mason jars will run you right around $10 at any hardware, grocery store, Target, WalMart, etc.

Happy play time!


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