About Me

Erin Lutterbach Murphy is a semi-retired television development executive, documentary filmmaker and Chicago native who is currently navigating the bumps (and freeways–many, many freeways) in her new life as a suburban stay-at-home mommy in Southern California, where she lives with her husband B, their daughter (affectionately nicknamed The Bear), and dog, Willy (a.k.a., Bruce Willis). Mommy Test Drive is her newest baby and she hopes you think it’s chubby and adorable.

Erin is not, nor does she pretend to be any of the following:

-Safety Expert


-Sleep Expert

-Organic Farmer

-Child Psychologist


-Sleep Expert

-Master Chef

-Mother of the Year

I’m simply a mom, sharing my experiences and preferences with other parents and caregivers. If you decide to try any of my recipes, tips, recommended products, etc. you are doing so at your own risk.

Oooh, that sounds scary, but really it’s just my friendly way of telling you not to sue me if you don’t like something as much as I do 🙂

You can email Erin at mommytestdrive [at] gmail [dot] com


Welcome! Mommy Test Drive is a place to check out new products, resources, recipes, experiments, information, general hilarity and what I hope you’ll find to be entertaining and useful life lessons learned as I mold my identity from Midwest Urban Professional to Southern California Stay-at-Home Mom.

I chose the name Mommy Test Drive because I feel like lately, every day contains at least one first-time user trial of something I’ve never done before… whether it’s attempting to potty-train my 15-month old, who recently started yelling “uh oh” at the top of her lungs anytime she has to go, scouring LA for the latest must-have kid gadget, trying to remain “hip and laid back” to my still-cool single and/or childless friends, or navigating the delicate dance that is the suburban Southern California Mommy Social Ladder, it’s a crash test every second of the day, and I’m the dummy… er, mommy 🙂

So, why not share my crash tests with the world?

Mommy Test Drive is an outlet for ideas, happenings, discoveries, products, food and funnies that I feel are important or cool enough to share with you. Is that why most people blog? Who knows. I’m giving it a try, I’m nervous what you’ll think, I’m worried you’ll judge, but mostly I just hope you enjoy and take what you need!

Thanks for reading and sharing!



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