Hello world!

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Hello, world! Welcome to my first-ever blog post at my new WordPress site, Mommy Test Drive. I chose this name because I feel like lately, every day is a first-time user trial of something I’ve never done before… whether it’s attempting to potty-train my 15-month old, who recently started yelling “uh oh” at the top of her lungs anytime she has to go, scouring LA for the latest must-have kid gadget, trying to remain “hip and laid back” to my still-cool single and/or childless friends, or navigating the delicate dance that is the suburban Southern California Mommy Social Ladder, it’s a crash test every second of the day, and I’m the dummy.

Six months ago my husband, baby daughter and I moved to a suburb of Los Angeles from the city of Chicago. Here, we live in our first house with our first yard, first garage and first set of big lady problems. We are grownups now, who no longer have the luxury of partaking in social activities with names like Sunday Funday or Thursday Blursday (I still, however, enjoy a good Jerzday Thursday, thank god). Our first few months here were tough ones, with huge, unexpected bumps in the road, but my husband and I cautiously agree that things seem to finally be taking shape in our life out here.

So, why not get a little therapeutic and write about it all, eh?

Two things this blog will NOT be: a “look at how cute my kid is” album (that’s for Facebook, of course) or a “listen to how hard my life is as a stay-at-home mom” diary (a-NOY-ing!). This is an outlet for ideas, happenings, discoveries, products, food and funnies that I feel are important or cool enough to share with you. Is that why most people blog? Who knows. I’m giving it a try, I’m nervous what you’ll think, I’m worried you’ll judge, but mostly I just hope you enjoy.

Kisses and hugs,