Fave a Day

Every day, Mommy Test Drive will feature a “Fave a Day” product along with my usual blog posts, test drives, recipes and other life happenings! Products featured will range from toys to books to food items to furniture. The things they will all have in common: my toddler, my admiration and the name of a place you can buy it on sale. Think of it as an abbreviated Test Drive with a discount! Enjoy, friends!

JULY 6, 2012 — LILY PADZ

Nursing mamas: if you still leak a little from time to time and haven’t tried these, you’re missing out! Lily Padz silicone nursing pads saved me (and many of my shirts!) when I was nursing The Bear back in the glory days of no dirty sippy cups to wash.

These little beauts are ultra-thin, breathable, clear silicone nursing pads that are not only reusable, they’re a zillion times more effective than those little boob maxi pads you have to change every two hours.  They’re completely invisible under clothing, so you can wear them under a bathing suit, thin shirt or evening gown, or walk around bra-less before bed in your favorite vintage ‘NSYNC t-shirt and not worry about leakage. They’re super easy to clean and maintain their stickiness for months.

My only con would be that taking them off after the very first use can be a little like ripping off a Band-aid.  But don’t let that scare you away: you’re saving money, the environment and that cute little silk shirt you bought for Mom’s Night Out (Mojitos and Magic Mike?! Sign me up!).

Normally, these retail for around $23-25, but right now Mommygear is selling them for $19.99. Snatch them up and thank me later!



Yes, I said Mason Jars.

Anyone who surfs Pinterest (follow my boards here) will see that Mason jars are the new “it” hipster entertaining and decor accessory. Quirky vases, clever party drinks, displaying hip crafty things, etc… (I can practically hear my husband reading this and protesting, “I liked Mason Jars way before they were cool!).

Now, before you start thinking that I’m a lunatic and recommending you let your toddler play with a set of glass jars, read on… What I’ve recently discovered about Mason jars is that kiddos LOVE to play with the screw-on metal rings that hold the jar’s lid in place! The Bear spent a half hour yesterday stacking, clanking and loving these super cheap, wonderfully uncomplicated, up-cycled little goodies!

Here’s what you do:

1)   Buy a dozen Mason Jars at your local hardware or grocery store

2)   Disassemble and wash all parts

3)   Place screw-on rings in a colorful basket or box and set in front of toddler

4)   Watch with self-satisfaction as your child entertains him or herself with glee

5)   Invite hipster friends over and serve old-timey bourbon cocktails in new jars and bask in your own brilliance

A dozen Mason jars will run you right around $10 at any hardware, grocery store, Target, WalMart, etc.


So, anyone with a toddler knows how messy mealtime can be, especially after our littles begin feeding themselves. Though there are some great bibs out there to help catch the messies, I’ve found a really affordable one that not only has a pocket to catch stray broccoli, it has sleeves to keep those pristine little cuffs carrot-free! IKEA’s Kladd Prickar (gotta love those Swedish product names) is machine washable, water repellent and super easy to put on and take off, thanks to a touch-and-close Velcro closure at the neck.

What’s more: it doubles as a paint smock and Popsicle shield (Popsicle and straw hat sold separately)!

The best part of all: I don’t even need to scan for sales on this item for you because you can get TWO for $4.99 at your local IKEA store. Thanks, IKEA, you Swedish geniuses.


Oh, Episencial, how I love thee.

I could probably dedicate a novel–or at the very least, several blog posts (and already have)–about how much I love Episencial products. They just jive with The Bear’s skin in a way most products don’t. Gentle, organic, healing, protective, edible. Perfect products for protecting and maintaining healthy skin.  I love everything about this company, and even use their Playful Wash on my own face!

Right now, EcoMom is having a Buy Two Get One Free sale on Episencial Protective Face Balm. The product (with SPF 6) is fantastic for protecting sensitive little faces and lips from the elements, and for soothing and healing problem skin. The reason for the stock up sale: Protective Face Balm won’t be on the market much longer, because Episencial will soon be releasing their newer version, Cheeky Salve, which promises to be even better!

You can sign up for a free trial of Cheeky Salve (and all of Episencial’s other products) on their website.

Enjoy, friends! :)


If you’ve ever been to our house, you know B and I have hundreds of books in shelves that line our walls. Keeping them there with a toddler in the house has been a challenge lately, but we like keeping them accessible for everyone!

The Bear is starting to take after her parents. With books beginning to take over her play space, we decided to find a better storage solution so that she had a place to put them away at the end of the day, and to cut down incidents of us surfing across the carpet on stray books.

The Kidcraft Sling Bookshelf was our answer. It has a sturdy design, was easy-breezy to assemble and at 28 inches high, is perfect toddler height. Books can be stored forward facing, making it easier for a child to spot and select their favorite. Kidcraft products meet or exceed all safety compliance standards for wood products.


BabyEarth is currently selling this great storage solution for $44.95–30% off regular list price.


There’s something about a good old-fashioned set of real wood building blocks that makes my heart sing with nostalgia and The Bear shriek with glee.

ImagePlanToys® are made from non-toxic, natural materials, and the company uses environmentally safe and sustainable methods to produce their toys. This set of 20 natural blocks contains basic and advanced shapes that encourage your child’s imagination and creativity. They’re a huge hit in our house. Plus, there’s something about the sound of wood blocks clacking together, coupled with baby giggles, that bring a huge smile to my face!

TODAY ONLY: Toyopia is selling PlanToys® Unit Building Blocks for 25% off! Don’t miss out!


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