Rules for Daughters to their Dads.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies and single mommies out there! On this oppressively hot Father’s Day day in suburban LA, my little family plans to stay cool with a trip to the spa for Daddy (he’s not the spa type, but we made him go anyway), a Skype session with PaPa (my dad) in Indiana, a drive to the beach for dinner and sunset later Indian takeout and the Sox-Dodgers game. Hope you are enjoying yours in your own special way, too!


If you’re on Pinterest (follow me here), Twitter or Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen a post floating around entitled 50 Rules for Dads with Daughters. It was originated by fellow blogger and daddy Michael Mitchell (follow his blog Life to Her Years if you aren’t already – it’s amazing). I found it incredibly sweet and tear-inducing and shared it with my friends, too.

Reading Michael’s post made me realize for the umpteenth time how great my own dad is and continues to be, and how he must’ve had a similar set of rules handy in his Levis cutoffs pocket back in 1978 when I was born. He surely passed that list off to my husband when The Bear was born last year, because B is just as an amazing dad as my own is. Do they pull all-nighters when we’re not looking, poring over those unspoken “Dad rules” to make sure they do it right? Is there a secret Dads Governing Authority who pulls a new dad aside after he holds his child for the first time and says, “Here, kid. Follow these, and Junior will turn out great?”

Of course not. They’re inspired by their daughters and sons to be the best they can be, every day. The “rules” are crafted by each passing day, and governed by the unique relationship each daughter or son has with their own dad.

So, in honor of the amazing Dads in my life, I’ve made my own very basic list of Rules for Daughters to Dads. These aren’t just for Father’s Day, but for all year round. You’ll see they’re slightly skewed toward adult daughters because that’s what I am (sometimes… other times I’m a complete child… just ask my husband).

Feel free to comment below and add your own!


1) Love Dad. You can never tell your Dad how much you love him. Period.

2) Be grateful to Dad. Thank him for the little things, not just the new car on your 16th birthday, or the few dollars he lent you for your first place. Thank him for the phone call, for picking you up when you needed a ride, for being “cool” in front of your friends. Everyone likes to hear “thanks” every now and then.

3) Tell Dad how proud you are of him. He’s working his ass off for you, and sometimes a little pat on the back is just what he needs to keep going. He’ll deny this, but it’s true 🙂

4) Let Dad help! As we grow up, we become very fixated on being independent, on not needing help or advice from our parents because “I got, it Dad! Geeez!” Let Dad give you advice, no matter how old you are. Let him take your hand and make it better, let him buy you dinner if he offers. Nothing makes him feel more special.

5) Pamper Dad. Again, he’ll deny he needs pampering (see above about B not being a spa person), but don’t give him a choice. Book him a massage, take in the trash cans every once in a while (eew!), cook him his favorite meal, let him watch “The First 48.” Even the most macho Dad needs a little TLC from time to time!

6) Call Dad. Most daughters have a “thing” with calling their moms daily and talking about the most inane things (i.e., “did you see who Emily kicked off on The Bachelorette tonight? Oh. My. God!” or “Should I start wearing anti-wrinkle cream at night?”). Dad wants to chat, too! Maybe he doesn’t care about what happened on The Bachelorette last night, but he does want to hear your voice and hear about your day. He wants to tell you about his day, too! Pick up the phone and dial. Dad will love it!

And finally…

7) Remember what Dad taught you. Nothing makes a Dad happier than seeing his life lessons put into action. Dad wants you to succeed, wants you to have an amazing life. Show Dad that you remembered what he taught you. Make your Dad proud.



Kisses and hugs,