Fave a Day: Chewbeads

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I first saw this genius mommy jewelry when I was pregnant with The Bear. A new mom was wearing these gorgeous royal blue beads that reminded me of the jewelry my funky and stylish great-aunt Norah used to wear when I was a kid. I complemented her great style and asked where she got them, thinking she’d say they were vintage. When she explained her chic necklace was actually a set of baby-safe teething beads, I rushed right out and bought a few pairs of Chewbeads (two Janes and a Hudson) in my favorite colors (black, turquoise and creamsicle).

Why they’re my fave: Great as a nursing or teething necklace/bracelet, come in a huge variety of colors (and a few different shapes), has a breakaway clasp, no detachable parts and you can pop them in the dishwasher to clean them. And the obvious: they’re safe: Chewbeads are 100% silicone, and contain no BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals.

Not so much: The gap between the beads can be a trap for pulling and tangling your hair when removing. Ouch!

Out of the box use: We use the bracelets to practice counting when I’m not wearing them (supervised, of course).

How much? Chewbeads vary in price, ranging from $12.50 to $36.50.

Go get ‘em! I found the Hudson necklace (normally $36.50) for $10 cheaper on Natural Little One.